Monaca #4 Fire Department’s Christmas Trees Delivered this Saturday


Ever since I was a child, I can remember the Monaca #4 Volunteer Fire Department selling Christmas trees.  I can recall my father, who was a volunteer firefighter at the time, volunteering his time to sell the trees down at the fire department.  I even remember one year in which he brought home a tree to my grandparents house.  Due to my grandmother being extremely allergic to pine, the tree ended up outside of the house full decorated.

While it seems that countless large corporations are now selling live trees as well (i.e. Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, etc) those memories that are formed by picking out a tree simple can’t be made at big box stores.  As a volunteer firefighter for the past decade, I can recall year after year families returning to our fire department to pick out their perfect tree.  Our firefighters would spent time with them out in the cold picking up different trees, spinning them around, putting a fresh cut on them, and helping them load them onto their vehicles.  For those who weren’t able to transport their trees, one of our firefighters would often times jump into their truck and take it to that family’s house.

As the tradition has been, this Saturday, November 28th, the Monaca #4 Fire Department will have approximately 200 Christmas Trees delivered to the department.  This year, shoppers will have the option of buying Canaan, Fraser, and Douglas trees ranging in price from $36 to $45 depending on the type of tree.

For those looking to compare prices, you will find that the prices at the Monaca Fire Department are comparable, if not cheaper than that of big box retailers. The Fraser is priced at $45 for a 6′-8′ tree at the Monaca Fire Department whereas at Lowe’s the price can range from $36.98 – $46.98 depending on the height of the tree.  When looking at the Douglas, the Monaca #4 Fire Department has them priced at $36 for a 6′-8′ tree and Lowe’s has them priced at 31.98 – $39.98.  Only the fire department carries the Canaan when comparing the two stores.

The important thing to consider when deciding where to purchase your Christmas Tree this year is who your financial support ultimately benefits.  While large retailers such as Wal-Mart and Lowe’s are trying to increase their bottom line by selling these trees, the Monaca #4 Fire Department has sold them every year as a fundraiser for the department.  Each and every dollar that you spend on a Christmas Tree goes directly to the department to be utilized to purchase gear, pay for training, and benefit our community.  The annual Christmas Tree sale, which takes approximately three weeks to complete, is the Monaca #4 Fire Department’s second largest fundraiser behind the Stop, Drop & Run 5K.

Monaca #4 Volunteer Department is located at 913 Taylor Ave, Monaca, PA 15061.  The hours for Christmas Tree sales this year are Monday – Friday: 4:00 – 7:00 & Saturday – Sunday: 12:00 – 7:00.  Additional information for the tree sale can be found on the Fire Department’s website and also their Facebook page as well.

Before going out and buying a Christmas Tree this year, please consider supporting our local volunteer firefighters.

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