First Annual Christmas Decorating Contest


TrophyIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…everywhere you go!  Our Monaca is proud to be hosting our first annual Christmas Decorating Contest.  This year’s contest will consist of a competition among homeowners and another between businesses in town.  When we originally created this contest we had hoped to have a large number of entries from both businesses and residents.  From there we would have you, as readers, vote on the winners.

Due to a lower than expected number of submission, we decided to change things up to kick this year’s contest kicked off.  This week we drove around Monaca and photographed homes and businesses that decorated from the holidays.  We combined the submissions from residents with approximately 15 of our favorites from town.  In addition to this, we photographed every business that we could see decorated and entered them into the contest as well.

So what all is at stake?  In each category, Business & Residential, there will be two awards presented; People’s Choice & Editor’s Choice.  The entries that garner the highest number of votes in the contests below will be awarded this year’s trophy.  What better trophy to celebrate the Christmas spirit than an ornament?!?  In addition to this, we are hoping to get yard signs made to allow the winners to showcase their win this year.

The contest will run until 11:59 p.m. this Saturday, December 19th.  You have the ability to vote for as many entries as you like ONCE per 24 hours.  In order to vote, either click on the “Vote” button or on the Heart inside the preview box.  We are trying a new piece of technology in this contest that encourages people to like the Our Monaca Facebook and Twitter pages in order to vote.  If you have already liked our pages (Thank you!) just click “Like” or “Follow” anyways and it will allow you to vote.  If you run in to any issues, please let us know by emailing as we would like to know how well this works out.

If you are excited about this contest, be sure to follow Our Monaca as we have a few contests planned for the next couple of weeks as well!

Without further ado…let the voting begin!


Click here to vote for Residential Contest


Click here to vote for Business Contest


Contest will ends in:


Leaders vote Siegel 538 , Blanarik 518 , Our Monaca Pick 101


Leaders vote Ball Furniture 177 , Monaca #4 VFD 145 , White House 75

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This is a nice way to get the community interacting! Great idea!

William Arnold

Good luck to everyone. I didn’t even know my house was entered until yesterday. Merry Christmas to all. The Arnold Family