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Christmas Tree ContestAs we wrap up the first annual OurMonaca.com Christmas Decorating Contest it is time to start our next holiday competition!  Continuing in the holiday spirit we move from the outside to the inside of Monaca homes.  While I am outside being Clark Griwald, my girlfriend is inside making our tree look great.  She takes great pride in the layout of the tree, the ribbon used, and the ornaments that decorate it.  I know that she is not the only one to take this level pride in the Christmas tree and with that we are proud to announce the first annual OurMonaca.com Christmas Tree Competition.

Contestants may enter the contest by uploading their image.  Upon uploading the image it is immediately available to be voted on.  You have the ability to share the link to friends on social media with the share button in the upper left corner when you click on the image.  As was the rules with the previous contest, entries must be from Monaca residents & those voting have the ability to vote for as many images as they would like every 24 hours.  The contest will run until 11:59 p.m. on Christmas.

TreePreviewWhats at stake?

Outside of bragging rights, trust us they are a pretty big deal (just ask Mike Siegel or James Blanarik who each amassed over 500 votes in the first competition), the winner will also be awarded the following ornament trophy.  In addition to the entry with the highest number of votes, the Editors will also pick a separate Editor’s choice winner as well.



Without further ado…let the voting begin.

** Please note, depending on your browser and the number of people submitting photos it may take a few seconds to upload.  Wait until the prompt tells you the image is uploaded before closing browser out **

Contest will ends in:

To enter: Click on “Upload Photo to Contest” below.

Vote count:  203
Darthmas Tree
Vote count:  162
Leeann Robison
Vote count:  92
Judy & Tom Fraser tree
Vote count:  86
Perell home
Vote count:  74
Todd and Johnna's Tree
Vote count:  72
Rustique tree
Vote count:  56
Vote count:  52
Mark and Wendy Giannetti's tre
Vote count:  51
Batey/Dye (Merry Pitmas)
Vote count:  37
Theil/Cordell house
Vote count:  32
Vote count:  30
Sydnie's Tree
Vote count:  27
The Cain's
Vote count:  26
Vote count:  23
Bonnie Hoenig
Vote count:  23
Hulme House
Vote count:  23
Kelly mcgaffic
Vote count:  22
Pruszenski Perkins
Vote count:  21
Kelly and Chad Modro
Vote count:  20
Mary Ann Guy
Vote count:  20
Kylie Schweinsberg
Vote count:  19
The Arnolds
Vote count:  18
Vigna's Christmas Tree
Vote count:  18
The Lalama Christmas Tree
Vote count:  17
Krystek Tree
Vote count:  14
Shameless budget beauty
Vote count:  13
Scalise Family
Vote count:  12
Lisa Moschak
Vote count:  11
Red and Gold never gets old!
Vote count:  5
Vote count:  4
Vote count:  4
Vigna's Christmas Tree
Vote count:  0

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Sara Scalise

Is there a way to delete a picture? My phone froze in the middle of loading the picture and I didn’t think it went through and now I have 2 pictures up and instead of getting all of my votes they are veing split between the 2 pictures :/