2016 Christmas Contests


Hard to believe we are just over 10 days away from Christmas.  This year truly has flown by.  To help get everyone into the Christmas we are launching our second annual Our Monaca Christmas Contests.  Last year was a hard fought fight on all fronts of the competition.

We had the Blanariks battling the Siegels for the title of best Residential Decoration, Ball Furniture duking it out with Monaca #4 for the best business decoration, and a hard fought battle on all fronts for the Christmas Tree decorating contest.  The contest is back in all of it’s glory starting right this moment.

That’s right…you have 10 days to get your photos up and convince as many of your friends, family, and colleagues to vote for your entries.  Each person can vote once per day, so that more supporters you are able to gather, the higher your chances are to win.

The links to submit your photos and vote can be found below. May the Christmas Lights be ever in your favor.

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