The Hunt in on for Beaver County Rocks


A few weeks back, I came across an article on about the “Beaver County Rocks” that were being found throughout the county.  These rocks are ones that individuals have painted, included a hashtag, and hid somewhere throughout the county.  The hopes are that someone will find the rock and it’ll brighten their day.  Once found, the finder is to then hide the rock in a new location for someone else to find.

When I first heard about this I thought that this would make a great article, but due to having a hectic past few weeks it completely slipped my mind.  That was until Monday when my fiancee and I were grabbing some ice cream at Brusters in Bridgewater.  As we were sitting on one of the benches enjoying our after dinner treat; one of our dogs started smelling one of the bushes, no doubt trying to eat someone’s melted ice cream, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a “Batman” staring at me.

Now anyone that knows me can attest that I am quite the nerd. If you throw a Batman, Ironman, or dinosaur in front of me I am bound to be intrigued.  I reached down and picked it up to realize that the article I had been wanting to write had just come to me.  I explained the Beaver County Rocks to her and off we went to hide the rock somewhere in Monaca.

The Beaver County Rocks phenomenon sweeping through the county is the brainchild of Angela Bradley.  Her inspiration came a few months back when she was at a vendor show and began talking to one of the vendors about the “Northeast Ohio Rocks” group.  Two days later her six year old found one of the rocks outside their church and Beaver County Rocks grew from there.  What started as just her son and her painting rocks grew to about 80 people within a couple months, and then after posting to several Facebook groups grew to nearly 2,000 individuals.

Some of #BeaverCountyRocks founder Angela Bradleys favorite rocks.

Angela said that they, “paint rocks and hide rocks as a random act of kindness.  The true definition of a random act of kindness is we give without the need for recognition.  We know the rocks make people smile.  If we see them again it’s a bonus.”

What Angela is talking about in regards to seeing them again is related to the hashtags found on the rocks.  Finders of rocks are asked to share their finds on Facebook with the hashtags so that people can track where they have been.

Two such people tracking some of their finds are Monaca’s own Mary Jo Scassa and Susan Pokita.  While out on a walk in Beaver they noticed one of the painted rocks up against a light post.  They took the rock and hid it in one of the flower beds near the Monaca Pumphouse.  Within a day, someone had already found the rock and posted pictures of it with their dogs finding it.  Mary Jo said that after she hid the second rock she found that she “came across a comment on her rehide post that a lady had found it.  She said she was so happy that she has been looking for one for awhile and it was the first one she ever found.”

Scassa went on to say, “When I am out walking it is nice to see families out walking or on bikes spending time together looking for these rocks.  I hope it continue for a long time.”  Susan Pokita echoed them sentiment with, “I think it’s a great idea for both the people painting the rocks and the people finding and hiding them.  It gets people and kids motivated to move and it’s interesting to track how the rocks travel.”

The second rock that Mary Jo was speaking about was actually a rock that originated in Westmoreland County as part of the Pittsburgh Rocks group.

As for Batman…he was hidden somewhere in the Monaca Heights.  We are anxiously awaiting for him to be found and posted online.  (Hint…he was hidden near one of the items that I said interested me as a nerd.)

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Beaver County Rocks initiative you can join their Facebook Group.  Also, they will be hosting a rock painting party on July 31st as well.


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Batman is our rock! My 4 year old painted it 😀