Here Comes Santa Claus!


You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why: Santa Claus is coming to Monaca!  Monaca Firefighters will be escorting Santa for the 4th annual Santa Comes to Monaca Saturday, December 16th.  Santa will land on the roof of Monaca #4 Volunteer Fire Department where he will embark to visit the little boys and girls of Monaca starting at approximately noon.

Santa’s elves will be out this week placing Santa Stop Spots throughout the town for the children to meet him at.  A quick look at the map shows there are approximately 76 stop spots spread across Monaca.  These spots start in the downtown area, continue to the 5th ward, proceed into the 3rd ward, and finish in the 4th ward area.

Due to Santa’s elves receiving degrees from the NPIT (North Pole Institute of Technology), families can watch Santa’s progress throughout Monaca.  Once Santa is a stop or two away from your closest stop, the fire department is advising you to proceed to your Santa Stop Spot and wait there.  Due to the number of stops throughout the area Santa will be unable to stop at places that are not a designated Stop Spot.  Live tracking and additional information can be found at

During the day,  Firefighters will also be collecting donations for the Secret Santa fund as well.  If you have a donation, please hand it to one of the firefighters and they will place it onto one of the fire trucks.  If you know a family that is deserving of receiving support from the Monaca Fire Department, please email for your nomination.  All nominations must be received by 12/20.

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